Shop. Maximize. Save. Repeat. Unlock all credit card rewards with Lever.

Lever helps maximize rewards by always using the best credit card with each dollar spent, making shopping oh so rewarding.

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Your wallet's favorite personal assistant. Lever makes earning credit card rewards easy by always using the best credit card for every purchase. So what do you have to do? Just SHOP! We'll meet you at the checkout page and let the rewards flow in. Download Lever today and use the best credit card in your wallet, every time.


We support all major banks

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Security is our top priority

We don’t need your credit card number.
We're PCI compliant... So you never have to worry.
We don’t share your data.

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Rank your rewards goals
Rank your rewards goals


Online shopping
Online shopping


Meet us at the checkout page
Meet us at the checkout page


Maximize rewards and save money
Maximize rewards and save money

Your wallet just got smarter

Say goodbye to complicated loyalty programs and cash back offers. Lever automatically applies the best rewards card to your everyday purchases with the press of a button.

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We work with more than 1M websites


I travel often so credit card rewards really matter to me. I didn't realize how much $ in rewards I was leaving on the table until I started using Lever. Total game changer. I love how easy it makes purchasing with the right card in order to reach my rewards goals. I recommend to anyone with multiple cards looking to use them the right way.

Sean C
Oct 14, 2021
save money and earn more rewards